Paolo Fresu, Daniele di Bonaventura, Dino Rubino, Marco Bardoscia


A documentary soundtrack suspended between literature, poetry, art and music, this album tells the story of an apparently lost but precious generation. An american and european history bridge,  simply following the beat.  

Track list
1 I Was An American Boy
2 Ferlinghetti
3 The Macaronis Scene
4 Hill Of Poetry
5 Obscene Boundaries
6 Endless Life
7 Island Of The Mind
8 I Am The Man
9 Too Young Too Die
10 Tyrannus Nix
11 Where Books Were Trees
12 Back Roads To Far Places
13 Eponymous Epitaph

Let us disappear
in automobile graveyards
and reappear years later
picking rags and newspapers
drying our drawers 
on garbage fires
patches on our ass. 

Leviamoci di mezzo
in cimiteri d’automobili
riappariremo tra qualche anno
a raccogliere stracci e giornali
asciugarci mutande
rattoppate al sedere
ai fuochi di spazzatura.

(Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Junkman's obbligato, from the book A Coney Island of the mind)